Our Story

A “caring” brand that started with a flea market

July 15, 1967 Tanikatsu gave birth by founder in Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture in Japan. Speaking of business bags, especially Dulles bags, they were very prosperous as they were called Tanikatsu. However, the times have begun to change dramatically with the advent of the Internet. The current president, JUNKO IWAMOTO who is a daughter of founder , joined the company in May 1996, and its predecessor began doing business with a different approach. First of all, commence business from “flea market”. She began to achieve results by listening directly to customer feedback, constantly seeking customer needs, and conducting purchases that value "compassion" in how we can be please the customers.

 Next, she entered into auction business, operated an auction site, purchased products that met the needs of consumers, and achieved high satisfaction and profits. Later, they started selling bags on the Internet, which sells products directly to consumers. Here again, the key is the spirit of “care”, not product centric approach, but this approach contributed to increase the sales. 

 She commenced  a on line shop in the mall in early 2006, targeting women aged 30-40 as their main target, she made further grow by strengthening product development that is full of the spirit of "caring" from the viewpoint of warm moms and moms with kids. From Japan to the world, a global site has now been set up, and “care” has been the core of the brand.